Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Time Results in This

I did NOT do this as "Gun Camouflage". Some people erroneously believe that disguising a gun case or using a computer, musical instrument, or tool case/bag will spare them for theft targeting. Tools can cost just as much or more than guns and are much easier to steal, pawn, and resell. I did this as a fun, quick project. If I could easily get rid of the logo on the case I would.

Just a quick step by step: I found the case unused in my garage. I cleaned it up, and cut out the plastic inserts. Measuring carefully, I used a razor to cut out some foam from a big foam rifle case I hardly ever use, and simply pressed it into the new case. The saw pocket makes a really handy ammo and gear slot.


  1. I'd love it even if it was "Gun Camouflage."

  2. Hey, you could try some ELO paint remover on that logo. It's safe on plastic.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a667bbe411eebc86