Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marlin's New Old Rimfires

Looks like Marlin Firearms has introduced their new modernized line of bolt action rimfires. These look like they are based on the old 980, 925, 25, and 915y series, with a "Pro-Fire" adjustable trigger added. This is good news, since Marlin's line of rimfires had been largely stagnant for over a decade. It's also nice to see Marlin taking aim at Savage's Mk2 rifle, but I can't help wishing Marlin would have put some nice peep target sights on one model instead of the average post and notch, like Savage did with their Mk2 FV/ FVT models. I think that simple idea of equipping slightly nicer sights allows the rifle to have a greater range of use beyond small plinking, and with Marlin's already gratuitous model selection in the new rifle lineup, whats stopping them?

Marlin's XT22-MTSL
Savage's Mk2 FVT


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